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A woman smiling

What are the Alternative Options to Dental Implants

At Signature Dental, we understand that losing teeth can happen many ways and be a very upsetting experience. A hard hit to the face can cause a tooth or teeth to be dislodged and fall out. Poor oral hygiene, malnutrition, disease, and genetic disorders can cause tooth decay and permanently damage your teeth.  Your damaged […]

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Learn More About Dental Bonding to Improve Your Smile

It’s important to smile. However, many people shy away from smiling because they think their smile isn’t perfect. It’s not very uncommon to have a less than perfect smile. In fact, about one-third of adults in the US are unhappy with the way they smile. However, there is a solution to the problem: dental bonding. […]

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Toothbrush with tooth paste

The Right Way to Clean Your Teeth

Your family’s health is important to you, including their oral health. Every day you strive to make sure good oral hygiene is a part of you and your family’s busy schedule.  You feel you take good care of your teeth, and help your family to do the same.  You make sure everyone’s oral hygiene routine […]

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Teeth Mouth Hygiene Dental White Dentist

DIY Teeth Whitening vs Professional Teeth Whitening: What’s the Difference?

Teeth are an important part of our overall appearance. We not only use our teeth to bite and chew, but to talk and smile. Sadly, however, it is common for people to have stained or yellowish teeth due to several reasons including age, dental hygiene, and eating habits. When you fail to take good care […]

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Gum Disease

5 Need-to-Know Signs of Gum Disease

According to reports, around 47.2% of the US adult population (about 65 million American adults)  have some form of periodontitis, an advanced stage of gum disease, also called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is serious and needs immediate attention. Many experts believe that lack of information is one of the major reasons why such a huge […]

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