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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry in Frisco and Richardson, Texas There are a number of reasons why a patient might need to have teeth restored. Restoration refers to repairing a tooth to make it look like it did before the damage occurred, and in some cases, the tooth will look even better than it did! Restoration is important because it prevents further damage from occurring, which protects the overall health of your teeth and gums.

Restorative Dental Treatments

Signature Dental offers many restoration services that can provide you with relief and help restore your self-esteem, as well as your smile.


Fillings are a common treatment for tooth decay. Fillings help to restore the tooth to its original shape and size, and they help to reduce pain and lessen the risk of infection where cavities have developed. They also help to restore the function of the tooth. Common filling materials are porcelain, composite resin, and amalgam (which is an alloy metal made from mercury, silver, copper, tin or zinc).


Veneers are a great solution to fix cracked or chipped teeth. They’re made from strong porcelain and provide a permanent solution. Veneers are shaped to fit the existing teeth and are bonded to the existing tooth to ensure a solid adherence. Veneers can be shaped to look like your original teeth and are colored to match as well.


Bonding can help repair a previously filled cavity where the existing filling has become loose, cracked, or worn away over time. Bonding is a simple process that provides a great looking result. Using a tooth-colored resin, dentists can match your existing teeth so that the filling is impossible to see. Treatments such as bonding help prevent further damage from occurring and can restore teeth to their natural function and look.


The crown of the tooth is the part of the tooth above the gumline. Dental crowns are used to cover existing teeth that are damaged, or have experienced an infection and need a root canal. Crowns are made from porcelain, as well as several other materials, such as gold. The tooth requiring the crown will be reshaped so the crown can be fitted over the existing tooth and it’ll be attached using a bonding agent.

Crowns are a useful treatment option when there’s enough tooth remaining to house the crown. While you wait for your permanent crown, a temporary crown will be fitted to reduce the risk of infection for the exposed tooth.


Missing teeth can cause a lot of problems including risk of infection, chewing problems, and even speech problems. Bridges are another common solution for missing teeth. There are two types of bridges commonly used in dental treatments: Cantilever bridges and Maryland bridges.

Bridges are sometimes placed using crowns over the surrounding teeth, and the false tooth is placed on an appliance between them. When the bridge is in place, you can’t tell it’s a false tooth.A bridge can help restore the way you eat, talk, and look.


Dentures have been a long standing solution to multiple missing teeth and broken teeth. After some preparation of the gums and removal of any existing teeth, your dentist in Frisco can prepare a mold of your gums to have dentures designed just for you.

There are two kinds of dentures commonly used in dental offices today: partial dentures, which are used to replace multiple teeth, and complete dentures-used to replace the entire set of teeth on the upper and lower palate.

Root Canals

A root canal is not as bad as people think. It’s a simple procedure that’s done to remove an infection from inside a tooth. The infection can cause a lot of damage to the surrounding gums, and all efforts are made to save the tooth during the procedure. Some patients need a crown placed on the tooth afterwards to prevent the infection from returning.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are growing in popularity because they are a permanent solution for missing teeth. Patients can opt to have one implant or several done at a time. Titanium posts are surgically placed in the bones of the gum, and after the rods have grafted to the bone in your jaw, implants can be placed on the rods permanently. Signature Dental offers full service dental implants in our offices.

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