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How to Select the Right Toothbrush for Your Teeth

choose-a-toothbrush We are all well aware of the importance of good oral hygiene. But sadly, very few of us are actually able to take care of our dental health properly.

When it comes to oral health, regularly brushing your teeth is one of the most important things you can do. If you don’t brush regularly and properly, you’ll put yourself at risk for cavities, bad breath, and other serious dental issues.

To keep your teeth healthy and white, you need the right toothbrush. Toothbrushes have been around for decades. The industry saw a big revolution when nylon toothbrushes were introduced back in late 1930s. Since then, toothbrush technology has only developed further, with people now using electric toothbrushes instead of manual ones.

While this is a great things for consumers, since we now have a lot of options to pick from, it also makes it difficult to pick the right toothbrush for you.

To help you in this regard, we’ve created a small guide on choosing the right toothbrush for your teeth:

Tips for Choosing the Right Toothbrush

  • Pick the Right Size

Pick a toothbrush that is the right size so that it can reach all parts of your mouth.

If a toothbrush is not big enough, it may not be able to reach the inner teeth, leaving parts of your mouth open to infections and other dental issues. Similarly, a toothbrush that has a very big head may also pose problems since it might be too big to reach the molars.

Experts suggest that you look for a toothbrush that is an inch tall and about half an inch wide.

In addition to this, the handle should also be long enough so that you can hold it properly.

  • Good Quality Bristles

The bristles are what does the cleaning. And there are three options available: soft, medium, and hard.

The right bristle option depends on you. For most people, soft nylon bristles are a good choice. In fact, most dentists recommend soft bristled toothbrushes. If you have sensitive teeth or show signs of enamel erosion, soft toothbrushes (or even extra-soft toothbrushes) are the best choice.

  • Ask Your Dentist for Recommendations

Your dentist is an oral health expert and can help you choose a toothbrush. At your next dental appointment, talk to both your hygienist and dentist to see what they would recommend for you.

We at Signature Dental are available to answer all your queries related to dentistry. We can even help you pick the right toothpaste and toothbrush.

  • ADA Approved Toothbrushes

Go for toothbrushes that are endorsed by the American Dental Association (ADA). Approved toothbrushes will have a seal from the ADA that ensures that the toothbrushes are safe to use and are of good quality.

The seal can be found on both disposable and electric toothbrushes. For disposable brushes, it is a guarantee that the toothbrush has been tested and can withstand regular use.

For electric toothbrushes, the process is even tougher as they have to undergo trials and are approved only when they’re safe to use.

Disposable Toothbrushes Versus Electric Toothbrushes

When you think about it, disposable toothbrushes do the same thing as electric toothbrushes – they are both very effective at cleaning your teeth.

And while we have been using disposable toothbrushes for a long period of time, electric toothbrushes provide an opportunity to make the job easier. Below we compare the two types of toothbrushes:

  • Electric Toothbrushes Are More Expensive

Electric toothbrushes cost more than disposable toothbrushes. In addition to the initial cost of the device, you also have to buy replacement heads every few months. Disposable toothbrushes are significantly cheaper, but also have to be replaced every few months.

  • Electric Toothbrushes Require Less Effort

Electric toothbrushes clean your teeth on their own. They remove the need to put any real effort into cleaning your teeth. While you do have to move the toothbrush around, you do not have to vigorously brush, which may be a blessing for many people, especially the elderly or those with any kind of pain in the hand.

  • The Results Do Not Always Differ

According to research, disposable toothbrushes provide the same level of cleaning that electric toothbrushes do. However, a special type of electric toothbrush, called the rotation oscillation toothbrush, has been proven to be more effective due to its unique motion.

When you think about it, both electric and disposable toothbrushes are a good choice. It truly depends on your own personal choice.

If you do not like the vibration and enjoy putting in the effort, then disposable toothbrushes may be the right choice for you. But, if you want to get done with the job without any labor and can afford a more expensive option, then you may want to pick an electric toothbrush.

Need help choosing the right toothbrush for you and your family. Contact our dental practice today to ensure you’re using the right tools to keep your teeth healthy and white.

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